About Jus Gana - The Artist

Where Intuition Meets Magic ✍️

Jus Gana, (Birth Name James)

Over the years, James has deeply immersed himself in the art of flow and intuition. His passion for abstract art shines through in his unique approach, where he allows the pen to move freely, guided by a still mind, weaving stories from the depths of his imagination. This meditative process begins with a simple dot, which then evolves across the canvas into captivating designs that blend worldly, cosmic, tribal, and ethnic motifs.

James has showcased his talents at numerous live drawing sessions and gallery events throughout the UK, participating in events & exhibitions such as Love Jam, Noisily, Virgo, Magic Carpet and Medicine Festival, to name a few. He not only shares his art techniques but also inspires onlookers to embrace their creativity, encouraging them to pick up paper and draw.

Known for his vibrant, fun, and utterly distinctive style, James frequently, creates new art work and conducts workshops, offering others a chance to explore their artistic side. For inquiries about his products and workshops, you can reach out to him at james@jusganaart.com. James is always open to connecting and sharing his love for art.